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I know you'll enjoy this free video series providing easy and simple ways that deliver big results so you can enjoy life more by tapping into nature's resources to feel and look your best.

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Sleep time is when your body gets to clean itself up by ridding us of chemicals and heavy metals. If you're not getting enough sleep (or maybe even too much), these Tea Time tips for are you!

Feeling hungry all the time? Not hungry at all? These quick tips will show you how food choices either increase or decrease hunger. 

We all know it, stress is a ongoing occurrence in our lives and ... we know it can lead to headaches, back pains and more. You'll learn here what stress has to do with digestion and how to decrease stress and improve digestion.

Thinking about a detox? Watch this video first as Karen shares how to recognize which of your organs is REALLY in need of a detox (it may not be what you think it is!)

Vitamin D - How much is too much? How much is too little? Since we stay indoors so much, what's the best way to supplement. Get your answers here and BONUS - Karen shares about understanding your lab results. For more information about understanding your blood work ► CLICK HERE

Asthma? Fatigue? Memory loss? Rashes? Mold could be the culprit. Mold sickness is described in the Bible with protocols that are valid today. Untreated mold sickness can become a serious problem.  

What others say about Karen

Note: Due to the confidential nature of my services (and HIPPA compliance), all patient identities are protected.

"Karen showed me how to make simple dietary changes that lowered my A1c of 9.1% to 5.3%. FINALLY I'm in the normal range and feeling so much better!"  (Jill) 

"Losing weight was always a struggle before working with Karen. Plus I was prone to kidney stones. Karen put me on a low oxolate diet and within a week I was losing weight and I no longer get kidney stones!" (Melissa)
"Despite all my efforts before working with Karen I could never lost weight. No amount of exercise or dieting helped - in fact, I often gained weight. The meal plan Karen gave me has me feeling more satisfied with food and within a few months I went from being morbidly obese to having my weight within normal range." (Helen)