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Is it mold?

A Holistic Approach to Managing a Commonly Overlooked Condition

Asthma? Fatigue? Memory loss? Rashes? Mold could be the culprit. Mold sickness is described in the Bible with protocols that are valid today. Untreated mold sickness can become a serious problem.  

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Karen Wright is a functional nutritionist, traditional naturopath and a Transformational Health Coach. She uses an integration of scientific research, biological and nutritional sciences, clinical nutrition assessment and personalized nutrition therapies to achieve optimal health, healing and vitality. Since becoming extremely ill from toxins after the Sept 11th World Trade Center attacks, Karen is very passionate about educating others about foods that support the body.  

People Love This New Book

A must read!

Karen, I love your genuine tone in this book. It is so helpful and informative! You have given such great tips to help guide people through this issue.

Abbigail L. Mason

Exactly what I needed!

We often think about foods or common allergens like pollen when we suffer but rarely do we look inside our home. Karen does a wonderful job of sharing her expertise and knowledge to alert us to the potential dangers of mold.


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